Sunday, 14 July 2019

GeoFS 2.7 Update

GeoFS had recently been updated! Here is a list of the main changes for the web version.
- New weather engine (wind, rain, snow, cloud cover, volumetric fog, METAR datasource, improved atmosphere rendering, day/night cycle)
- Added Pitts Special S1
- Improved joystick support (multiple controllers, easier axes management, camera control)
- Chase camera auto zoom
- Fixed slip indicator
- Fixed ground contact bug (jumpy aircraft)
- New Autopilot UI (based on App design)
- Bandwidth and loading speed improvement (Cesium 1.58)
- Better prop-wash implementation
The mobile apps will be updated soon.
Have a good flight!


  1. Great update, lot of cool improvements! Please add an option to control wind separately from weather!

  2. It's been 5 months since this update. Please tell us there is going to be another one soon? GeoFS is fantastic and it would be sad to see it being under-developed or abandoned. Perhaps a 'pro' subscription with more features would be something to consider?

    1. GeoFS has been following a more incremental update cycle since the last major version. New aircraft, new weather engine, Mobile App development, bugs and stability improvements have happened recently. It is far from being abandoned! What features in particular would you imagine in a "pro" subscription?