Tuesday, July 3, 2012

0.9 is live

Sorry for the late announcement, most of you may already know about the new GEFS version:
  • Gliders: Paraglider, Ultralight Goat Airchair and Jantar szd-48-3
  • Improvement on dynamic wind lift (ridge soaring) and introduction of thermals
  • New sound engine and effects (tyres, wind, Doppler effect)
  • Added a public forum to the website for general discussion

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Maintenance Release 0.8.1

I just published a maintenance release (0.8.1). Nothing fancy but a few bugs ironed out:

- Fixed the wind "always on" bug
- Reverted prop wash (was buggy)
- Fixed some aircraft flight characteristics (DC3, Heli) to restore stability.
- Fixed keyboard focus problem on Chrome
- Updated flight model in general
- Trying out a new sound engine
- And a few others things...

As I also updated some javascript libraries, you will be prompted that your preferences are reset (I am sorry, I had no other way)

Have a nice flight.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

GEFS Online (version 0.8)

"GE Flight Simulator" become "GEFS Online". The new address is www gefs-online com

I had to make this change as my domain name was apparently conflicting with "General Electric" interests. If you ever published some material including GEFS link, I would be glad if you could help me maintaining my search engine ranking by updating blog posts, news, etc... with the new URL.

Now for the good news, the name change comes with a new version and plenty of new features:

- Dynamic suspension on all aircraft
- Runway lighting at night
- Concorde, Cessna 152 and Zlin 50
- Aircraft lights
- An aircraft carrier you can take-off from and land onto.
- Reworked flight models - prop wash
- Reworked multiplayer
- Mach indicator
- Flight Path utility in map (thanks to Gustav)
- Gear, flaps, brakes and spoiler indicators
- Smoke effects on touch down
- Multimonitor support (experimental)
- Performance and stability improvements (hopefully)
- Many other little things you probably will not notice but I worked very hard on ;)

Thanks for flying GEFS!