Monday, November 15, 2010

Multiplayer is off

Update: It's back on. Still trying to figure out what happened.

Multiplayer mode is off for technical reasons until further notice.

I am really sorry about that and will work hard to get it back on as soon as possible.

On the positive side of things: it means GE Flight Simulator is really successful and I thank you all for that!

Have a nice flight... anyway!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Early adopter

I would like to thank Skycooler (Aka Skyler Lehmkuhl) for being a long time fan of my Flight Simulator attempts. He was already enjoying the Sportstar Simulator about 6 years ago and made a video of it.

Recently, he has been very enthusiastic about the new GEFS release and... made a video of it.

While I may not share his musical tastes (neither his unique flying skills) I am very thankful to his enthusiasm and feedback.

Cheers, and have a pleasant flight!

The Google Earth Blog Effect

Mickey Mellen has posted a really nice review of the GE Flight Sim on Google Earth Blog. The consequence, though, was that my Google App Engine account reached the 1GB limit in less than 5 hours! You can call that the "GEB Effect" :)

I promptly redirected the flight sim to a mirror hosting server to keep it on.

I am really happy with the feedback I got so far: some "real" pilots and real gamers gave me critical and technical advices and this is what I really need to keep improving GEFS.

It was also a lot of fun to join in the crowd in GEFS and see all these planes taking of from Stradbroke Island airstrip. I counted up to 15 planes in the air simultaneously. That's a lot of requests to my backend server: I hope it's not gonna melt down.

Meanwhile, I keep working on release 0.3. To come (and to keep people interested):
- The Dassault Alpha Jet
- Working and animated flaps and airbrakes
- Improved instrumentation
- Improved flight models
- Better camera handling.
- Database of airports and runways (DAFIF data) to fly to/from

Have a pleasant flight!