Friday, November 25, 2011

GEFS 0.7.1

I just released a minor update, mostly to fix some bugs but also to push some new features:

- Reverse: the A380 and MD11 are now equipped  with thrust reversal. Keep pressing '-' or 'PageDown' to engage reverse. Hit '0' to reset thrust to neutral.

- Stall alarm: a screen overlay will warn you when you enter stall on every aircraft

- Dynamic air density: lift, drag and engine performance are degraded with increasing altitude. Maximum airspeed will increase as air density decreases. Service ceiling, cruise speed at altitude and rate of climb should respect aircraft specifications but has to be tested more extensively.

- All four runways are used as default starting point so to spread traffic a bit. (runways are randomly picked for the first visit on GEFS)

- Aircraft model packages are optimized to load faster.

- Su35 flight model has been revised to be a bit more gentle and forgiving.

- A380 3D model has been improved.

Have a nice flight!