Friday, November 25, 2011

GEFS 0.7.1

I just released a minor update, mostly to fix some bugs but also to push some new features:

- Reverse: the A380 and MD11 are now equipped  with thrust reversal. Keep pressing '-' or 'PageDown' to engage reverse. Hit '0' to reset thrust to neutral.

- Stall alarm: a screen overlay will warn you when you enter stall on every aircraft

- Dynamic air density: lift, drag and engine performance are degraded with increasing altitude. Maximum airspeed will increase as air density decreases. Service ceiling, cruise speed at altitude and rate of climb should respect aircraft specifications but has to be tested more extensively.

- All four runways are used as default starting point so to spread traffic a bit. (runways are randomly picked for the first visit on GEFS)

- Aircraft model packages are optimized to load faster.

- Su35 flight model has been revised to be a bit more gentle and forgiving.

- A380 3D model has been improved.

Have a nice flight!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011

Rolling out version 0.7

It's been a little while since the last release and I have been hard at work at improving the general experience flying GEFS. As the number of users and the complexity of the planes grow, I had to spend some time doing optimization to make sure things keep running smooth. Here is a list of changes in this new version.

- more realistic flight model based on thin airfoil theory (aka. lifting-line theory)
- adjusted all aircraft configuration for a more realistic behavior
- introduction of the "time slider" to set time of the day (enable it from the Weather Option panel)
- added Airbus A380
- added Sukhoi Su-35
- added attitude indicator
- multiplayer has been rewritten (performance) (Reverted: needs more tweaking)

- 3D scene-graph has been rewritten (performance)
- new hosting
- new default airport: LAX
- bug fixes

Have a nice flight!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Choose the Next GEFS Aircraft: Result of the Poll

The poll has now closed and the Airbus A380 is the chosen aircraft. I do not know yet what livery the aircraft will come in but I guess I will leave that up to the artist.

I have no real guidelines for when the aircraft will be ready but will do my best for this to happen by the end of July. Please be patient and keep enjoying GEFS until then.

Thanks to all the participants. And for those whose aircraft have not been chosen, be assured I will add more than just the A380 to GEFS in the future.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Poll: Choose The Next GEFS Aircraft

Based on your suggestions, I made this (very long) poll so we can narrow down the results to just one candidate. Sorry for the huge list but I did not want to leave anybody out. I would like to stress that GEFS is technically limited for now and that simulating complex things like the Shuttle flight and re-entry or making a jetliner interesting to fly (Instruments, VOR NAV, ILS, Hydraulics, and what have you) is not yet achievable. I know there is a lot of demand for "big and fast" but keep in mind you don't fly an A380 as you fly the Piper Cub. That being said, make your selection and click on "Vote".

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some Figures

GEFS is growing and I am happy to share some figures here:
32,000 Visits in the last 30 days by 18,000 unique visitors.
10 minutes spent on GEFS per visit on average!
250GB monthly traffic

...and 9 Videos on Youtube ;)

Thanks to all and have a nice flight!

Choose the Next GEFS Aircraft!

EDIT: The final poll is now live.

I just had a very exciting offer from sletch2003, the guy who modeled the Alpha Jet and the Sopwith Camel used in GEFS: he is offering to make a new model based on GEFS users' suggestions.

Please post a comment here with the name of the aircraft you would love to see next in GEFS. Depending on the number of replies (and their variety), I will set up a poll to narrow down the selection. At the end of the process, we will have only one aircraft that sletch2003 will build for you.

You can also pick one from his already extensive collection on the Google 3D warehouse, but he said he's looking for a new challenge, so let's be creative ;)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

GEFS 0.6

A limited release (due to very limited time) to fix a few bugs and add a set of minor features:

- Dynamic wind: terrain deflects wind to generate dynamic lift (now I just need to make the glider that goes with it)
- Added the McDonnell Douglas MD-11
- Introducing "Major Tom" a hot air balloon to drift along the country-side.
- Layered wind (different speed and direction at different altitudes) to be used with Major Tom.

I decided to increase the version number by a major 0.1 as I also re-factored quite a bit of code. Though, this is not visible to end-users, it is a major improvement on my side of things ;)

Have a nice flight.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Beauty of Emptiness

Flight simulators tend to run after filling up space with details and objects. What about enjoying "nothing" and seeing that it can be beautiful... for a while.
Here is a selection of some deserts around the world:
(Just click on the picture or title to directly fly there)

Arabian Desert - Yemen (Take-off from AL BADIE - OYBA);postID=6715073556019823590

Sahara - Algeria (In flight)

Simpson Desert - Australia (In flight)

Tadrart Acacus - Lybia (In flight)

Antarctica (In flight)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rolling out version 0.5!

Here is the new version:
  • configuration/preference panel (mostly for controls and weather for now)
  • real-time/configurable cloud coverage and wind conditions
  • multiplayer chat
  • added the Hughes 269a/TH-55 Osage light helicopter
  • added the Sopwith Camel biplane
  • HUD (instruments) scales to screen size
  • redesign of the user interface
Some notes:

- As it makes things a bit tricky for newcomers, wind is disabled by default: you can enable it in the "options" panel.
- The Hughes helicopter is really experimental and difficult to fly. It is necessary to disable the yaw/roll mix in order to get proper control.

Have a nice flight.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

GEFS 0.4.1

This is a minor update and I am still in the process of fixing things (multiplayer, various bugs), but there are some improvements already so I decided to call it a release.

Most notable is the change in hosting facility, GEFS is now running on a brand new server and this will hopefully improve everybody's experience (starting with mine!)

For all those who contributed with reports, suggestions and requests: I did not forget you! ;)

To come in the next release:
- Joystick configuration (at last!)
- Real time weather
- New aircraft
- In game Chat

... and hopefully a multiplayer that runs nice and smooth!

Stay tuned and have a nice flight.

Altiports in the Alps

The French Alps provide a great flying area as the photo quality of Google Earth is beautiful there and the high relief just enhance it. It also happens that quite a few "altiports" are scattered in this splendid landscape. These are great to practice complicated approaches: the sloppy runways, surrounding mountains and fainting engine in low oxygen require a lot of skills to deal with.

Here is a selection of the best spots to fly the Alps:
(Just click on the picture or title to directly fly there)

L'Alpe d'Huez


Courchevel (approach)

Mégève (approach with DC3!)

If this is just too simple for you, wait until I finish implementing real time weather and try the same approach with some gusts of cross wind!

Also, you may know some other "Altiports" in different places and may want to share it. You can send me some direct links to GEFS at the right location. For that, fly to the desired location and use the "Get link" button in the bottom bar.

Have a nice flight!

Back Online

GEFS is up and running on a brand new server: now it should perform!

Sorry for the down time and thank you for your patience.

Have a nice flight!