Sunday, 14 July 2019

GeoFS 2.7 Update

GeoFS had recently been updated! Here is a list of the main changes for the web version.
- New weather engine (wind, rain, snow, cloud cover, volumetric fog, METAR datasource, improved atmosphere rendering, day/night cycle)
- Added Pitts Special S1
- Improved joystick support (multiple controllers, easier axes management, camera control)
- Chase camera auto zoom
- Fixed slip indicator
- Fixed ground contact bug (jumpy aircraft)
- New Autopilot UI (based on App design)
- Bandwidth and loading speed improvement (Cesium 1.58)
- Better prop-wash implementation
The mobile apps will be updated soon.
Have a good flight!


  1. Great update, lot of cool improvements! Please add an option to control wind separately from weather!

  2. It's been 5 months since this update. Please tell us there is going to be another one soon? GeoFS is fantastic and it would be sad to see it being under-developed or abandoned. Perhaps a 'pro' subscription with more features would be something to consider?