Monday, June 17, 2019

FlightSimExpo 2019 - Orlando

A recurring feedback heard during the 2019 FlightSimExpo in Orlando was that only a few presented projects were innovating from the traditional titles. GeoFS was one of them.

Offering a free version, accessible on the web with a simple browser and very low hardware requirements, GeoFS ease of access was noted by visitors, especially those working in education. This confirms what began last year when FUSE Studio, developed by the Northwestern University in Chicago, started using GeoFS across dozens of schools in the US, on simple Chromebooks.

Lowering the entry barrier also helps new users to discover flight simulation and aviation in general, where historical applications are reserved to more dedicated users. One remark particularly highlighted this point as GeoFS traffic was revealed: when traditional networks get the same amount of concurrent users, they "pop the champagne". People will say the audience for flight simulation software is limited, I believe there are many users still looking for an affordable and uncomplicated option to step into the world of virtual aviation. Some may not even know yet they could be interested in aviation but could be hooked if presented with a fun and easy way to get started.

However, "simple" does not mean "simplistic": GeoFS is a real simulator, with realistic and accurate physics engine, flight model and instruments. It is a tool with which one can learn and understand the basis of aerodynamics, flight and navigation while not being overwhelmed by complex and rigorous systems and procedures.

Also having the whole world to explore, with high resolution satellite images and terrain loading instantly, where ever you chose to fly, immediately sets GeoFS apart from other flight simulators which require long downloads and complicated installations to obtain such data.

Now it is time to get back to work, with many new ideas, updates and fresh motivation. The next show will probably be in Cosford, UK, followed by the FSWeekEnd event at the Aviodrome in Lelystad


Unknown said...

Congratulations, Xavier! This is such awesome news! What are your next big additions to GeoFS?

Xavier said...

A new weather engine. Coming soon!

Unknown said...

If GeoFS Gave us an option to choose a livery that would be cool

Unknown said...

How do you fly a helicopter backwards

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