Thursday, August 18, 2022

GeoFS 3

After about one year of public beta testing, GeoFS 3.3 has gone in full production. To make sure every one can enjoy GeoFS while the last issues are being ironed out, the old 2.9 version is still available at

The new version is bringing major changes to GeoFS among which:
- More realistic atmosphere light scattering
- New water rendering including wind dependent waves and surf
- Water physics for ditching and float planes (and a DHC-2 to go with!)
- Volumetric clouds with live cloud coverage (based on infra-red satellite images)
- Improved terrain lighting
- Texture rendered glass panels (PFD, HUD, G1000)
- Transparent gauge overlays and instruments re-ordering
- Experimental foliage rendering with global ground usage classification
- Global radio navigation VOR, NDB, DME, ILS
- Various navigation instruments fitted to matching aircraft (ADF, RMI, CDI, HSI, ILS)
- New runway database
- The Golden Gate Bridge!


Nirek Deepak said...

What a Huge update! Waiting for more to come!

Sharkpuppet said...

So currently your are working on adding windshear wipers?

Brian Lau said...

In the new 3.0 editions you can't easily see the plane using Chase Cam or Free Cam anymore. In 2.9 you can zoom in or out, change to any different camera, and it would maintain the exact same amount of zoom. This was useful for "virtual plane spotting" since it could give you a clear zoomed in image of the plane from a location far away. In 3.0 and later though when you change camera it zooms back to the default amount which I don't like. I wish they would go back to the old system in the newer versions so I can enjoy it with the 3D buildings and newer planes.

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