Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rolling out version 0.5!

Here is the new version:
  • configuration/preference panel (mostly for controls and weather for now)
  • real-time/configurable cloud coverage and wind conditions
  • multiplayer chat
  • added the Hughes 269a/TH-55 Osage light helicopter
  • added the Sopwith Camel biplane
  • HUD (instruments) scales to screen size
  • redesign of the user interface
Some notes:

- As it makes things a bit tricky for newcomers, wind is disabled by default: you can enable it in the "options" panel.
- The Hughes helicopter is really experimental and difficult to fly. It is necessary to disable the yaw/roll mix in order to get proper control.

Have a nice flight.



Andy said...

I just have to comment on this flight sim. I've been using MSFS for almost 15 years, and GEFS is great! I love being able to fly over the real world terrain, see the models, etc.

Way to go!

Anonymous said...

im waiting if there would be a website for available addons or sum update for sum new planes/aircrafts, and btw im so condfused with the ninoy aquino airport or NAIA (cuz ima filipino) im wondering why the NAIA's runway are like hills instead of flat lands :S......

Xavier said...

@anonymous: it is not possible yet to create add-ons for GEFS but I am working on that possibility. please be patient ;)

Hilly runways are caused by the quality/resolution of the terrain elevation data in Google Earth. There is not much I can do about that, except perhaps asking Google to get a better data set.

Anonymous said...

at telluride theres a gigantic hole in the runway and i tried to take of in an md-11 but failed :(

Anonymous said...

if your looking for a nice long straight runway go to denver international airport


Southwest Airlines said...

Hi is it possible that in 1.0 that they could be a 747-400

Southwest Airlines said...

Hi, i was wondering if we could have money on the game so lets just say u wanted to make a airline, you will get members and then you will have to buy planes. but also i would like some kind of ground services (fire service,stairs,baggage truck)