Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rolling Out Version 0.2

I just released version 0.2. We are still talking about a beta version here, and I am still looking for help on reporting bugs and feature requests. But this version contains some great improvements:

- Animated aircraft parts
- The introduction of one of my favorite planes: the Douglas DC-3
- Revised physics engine and more robust collisions detection
- Tuned flight dynamics
- Moved to hosting on Google App Engine for faster response time
- Many bugs fixed

I'll start working on 0.3 right away as I have millions of ideas for making G.E. Flight Simulator even better.

Have a nice flight.



Hugues said...

Hi Xavier,

Trying to fly, the simulation seeks and waits for info, for six minutes, then, nothing. Macbook running snow leopard.

Xavier said...

Hi Hugues,

I am sorry to hear that. I did not test much the simulator on Mac but I have seen it running fine on several of them. Where exactly did you get stuck? Did you properly install the Google Earth plugin?

I hope you will manage to have it running. If not, please let me know with some more details on what is happening so I can try to diagnose what is going wrong.

Nyukers said...

Good idea! Respect!
I have another problem -
with joystick Genius MaxFighter F-16U and I can't speed up, run oh the surface.(

Anonymous said...

Lol pull up!