Tuesday, March 2, 2021

GeoFS 2.9

It has been one year since the last update on the GeoFS blog. So it probably is due time to increase the version number by another notch. GeoFS is undergoing continuous development and updates so there is no tangible release cycle, but for celebration purpose, let's just blow another candle and list all the events of this year 2020:

  • Covid-19: yes, it has also impacted GeoFS, as it impacted everyone's life this year. Development had to slow down a bit but things are improving and there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Water detection and rendering
  • Carrier arresting cables
  • Improved wind/terrain interaction, improved turbulences, added thermals
  • Fixed fog problems and weather engine performance
  • New Pilatus PC-7
  • Reworked Concorde exterior and cockpit
  • Reworked Su-35 exterior and cockpit
  • Reworked “Major Tom” hot air balloon with multi-liveries
  • Refreshed airport and runway data
  • GeoFS for Schools licensing: bringing GeoFS to the classroom.
  • GeoFS Light app: free, self contained version of GeoFS for Android and iOS
  • Loads of Community Contributed aircraft: thank you to all the developers!
  • And... the general bug fixes and performance improvements


anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all your work, Xavier! We love your amazing flight simulator very much. Many YouTube channels have opened up, showing this amazing flight simulator (like this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0fBS-iRl9A7ukLn1sHbM5A) and GeoFS is now a highly played flight simulator. I would like to congratulate you on your success and thank you for allowing us to travel and explore the world even in the Covid 19 lockdown period. Keep up the good work!

HLModTech said...

Thanks Xavier! It has been fantastic putting the flight simulator in use with my classes. Amazing what can be run in a browser these days. Thank you. 👍💯

Unknown said...

Love all the new stuff, but I have absolutely no practice in such things as thermal ascents in gliders :). Just wondering though, why did you never make an airship for GeoFS? You would do it better than anyone else. Plus, I still love the MD-11 even though it was released ten years ago.

bigdobber said...

Hi Xavier,I really have enjoyed this simulator. I have 2 request. Would it be
possible to separate the pitch and roll sensitivity on the joystick controls?
Also a seat raise position to have better visibility over the cockpit gauge panel would be helpful. Thanks much, bigdobber.

syx@ir said...

Hi Xavier, at first many thanks for your great job.
As I am a frequent flyer on GeoFs I have noticed that at several places (e.g. Perth, Darwin and a lot more around the world) the runway lights are not enlighted and therefore not visible or not correct placed according to the runway on the ground when approaching and on short final before landing. What is the reason of this?

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