Friday, February 5, 2016

Migration Complete

The migration toward CesiumJS as a replacement of the dying Google Earth plugin is almost complete. Except for some minor tweaks (smoke effects, clouds), I consider the migration to be successful. The application seems to be stable enough and performance is satisfying.

I just upgraded Cesium to version 1.18 which claims a memory usage gain in Chrome. I also tweaked caching in order to prevent the constant reloading of texture tiles when quickly changing camera direction.

Finally, GEFS is now featured on Cesium's official demo page


Juan Alejandro Larronde said...

Absolutely awesome! Back to GEFS!

Unknown said...


It's worth mentioning that if you use an old 32-bit version of Firefox (e.g. v37) you can still run the Google Earth plugin, which also has Google's brilliant 3D buildings and terrain, by using (thank you for keeping this online!)

I say Firefox as it allows mouse movement without locking out keyboard keys afterwards (without using a menu to re-activate), supports audio, rarely crashes and runs well (far better than CesiumJS).

Thanks for all your hard work!

Unknown said...

Thats great, cant you add diffrent texture airlines for the airplanes, and add a 747-400?

Anonymous said...

Why the gefs 1.1c not this in 3D and the gefs 1.0 this in 3D? The GFS 1.1 c must use cesium 3d to have better performance?

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