Monday, March 14, 2011

The Beauty of Emptiness

Flight simulators tend to run after filling up space with details and objects. What about enjoying "nothing" and seeing that it can be beautiful... for a while.
Here is a selection of some deserts around the world:
(Just click on the picture or title to directly fly there)

Arabian Desert - Yemen (Take-off from AL BADIE - OYBA);postID=6715073556019823590

Sahara - Algeria (In flight)

Simpson Desert - Australia (In flight)

Tadrart Acacus - Lybia (In flight)

Antarctica (In flight)

7 comments: said...

Excelent! Can't wait for bigger planes, B747 for example :)

Anonymous said...

what big small said

Anonymous said...

Maybe u should get a crj-900 or a learjet 45

Anonymous said...

i reckon a super sonic passenger jet like a concorde or tupolev Tu-144
or SR-71

Anonymous said...

emptyness is so beautiful

Anonymous said...

how do you take off in tkis game?

Anonymous said...

well press [ to put the flaps down (where avalable) press 9 for full throttle and when you get up to a good speed pull back on the mouse or joystick or press the down arrow to pull up.


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