Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Altiports in the Alps

The French Alps provide a great flying area as the photo quality of Google Earth is beautiful there and the high relief just enhance it. It also happens that quite a few "altiports" are scattered in this splendid landscape. These are great to practice complicated approaches: the sloppy runways, surrounding mountains and fainting engine in low oxygen require a lot of skills to deal with.

Here is a selection of the best spots to fly the Alps:
(Just click on the picture or title to directly fly there)

L'Alpe d'Huez


Courchevel (approach)

Mégève (approach with DC3!)

If this is just too simple for you, wait until I finish implementing real time weather and try the same approach with some gusts of cross wind!

Also, you may know some other "Altiports" in different places and may want to share it. You can send me some direct links to GEFS at the right location. For that, fly to the desired location and use the "Get link" button in the bottom bar.

Have a nice flight!


Anonymous said...

cool :) ill try some of these airports
lol i might even use an md-11

Anonymous said...

Im flying the dc-3 and md-11 around france and i landed at some of the in the dc-3 i am currently flying to bordeax in the md-11

Anonymous said...

it's not working to me

Rwk said...

Anywhere in Switzerland is very good because the terrain is some of the highest resolution available in Google Earth. Even the forests register as higher than the fields. Also an abundance of airports.

Rwk said...

Switzerland is very good also. It has some of the highest resolution/quality terrain to be found anywhere in Google Earth.

Anonymous said...

Yeah French alps are good too though

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