Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rolling Out Version 0.3

I published 0.3 yesterday!

Among other minor fixes the changes are:
  • Added the Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet
  • Added flaps and air-brakes when available on aircraft
  • The map now displays about 30,000 clickable runways to take off from.
  • The aeronautical map shows a layer of airspace areas (DAFIF data).
  • Improved camera handling (orbit, zoom). Added the "chase" camera
  • Improved moving propellers rendering
  • Improved flight models
  • Added some exponential filtering on controls
  • Added call-sign display for network players
  • Removed the hold while loading terrain: physics tweaked to handle it.
  • Re-factored the multi-player back-end to be faster and more stable
Have a nice flight!


Anonymous said...

space shutle

Anonymous said...

Hey, just a quick question. When will the new version be released?? Thanks!

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