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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

GEFS Becomes GeoFS

It has been a bit more than 3 months now that the Google Earth plugin ceased working. GEFS had to clearly break off from this legacy and will now become GeoFS. I believe the name reflect the global geographic scale of the flyable area while not being to far from what it used to be.

This new version is also a big step as I decided to invest more time into making GeoFS better. To help with financing my work, I introduced Premium content that can be purchased through virtual Premium Fuel or yearly subscription. The free content and features are still there and will remain but I will also regularly publish extra premium content in the form of high quality aircraft and extra functionality.

GeoFS Premium, so far, offers to fly two new aircraft: the Alpha Jet "Patrouille de France", a beautiful model originally created for Microsoft Flight Simulator by Laurent Correia and a Cessna 172 modeled by David Moratilla.

I also added a simple ADS-B feed to track commercial trafic in-game: you can fly with real trafic and follow aircraft as they cruise around the globe. I am planning to improve this feature with more aircraft models and hopefully more accurate data.

The clouds are back in GeoFS: Based on real time weather data, the cloud coverage is generated as you fly, all over the world.

Finally, you can now log-in using your Facebook account as well as your Gmail account.

Please visit (and like) GeoFS facebook page for the latest news and screenshot.

Have a nice flight.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Player list in 1.5c release

A new feature has been introduced in the latest release: the list of logged-in pilots.

The list shows all authenticated pilots (and the total number of Foos for good measure) and provides a link to join them in flight!

When clicking the link, your aircraft is positioned just behind the pilot you are joining. This can be very handy for formation flying or just joining your friends.

The list is opened by clicking the little silhouettes icon net to the "talk" button (only available to logged-in users)

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Better Multiplayer in 1.4c

Latest release's main focus was a more accurate and robust multiplayer engine. Formation flight is now, hopefully, much more accurate and aircraft interpolation smoother. A couple of bugs were also fixed in the chat UI. Please note that chat messages are now appearing at the top of the screen and scrolling down (reversed).

Thanks to the accuracy of the new multiplayer, I have noticed and taken down a major historical bug that was probably lurking in GEFS from the very beginning. Physics timing was not entirely frame-rate independent: a slower frame-rate would result in a slightly slower aircraft!

This is all fixed and everybody should be able to fly in sync with the same performance.

Have a nice flight!

Thursday, 15 September 2016

New Weather Data in 1.3

The latest release (1.3c) is now using a new weather API ( in order to retrieve real-time weather data. For now, only wind speed/direction and air temperature/pressure are used by GEFS but it is planned to return cloud coverage soon. Also, more weather conditions (rain, snow, fog, etc.) are in the plan.

The new version includes a batch of bug fixes and performance improvement.

Have a nice flight.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

GEFS is really plugin free!

With the recent 1.2c release, GEFS becomes a truly pure HTML5 application and does not requires any plugin to run. The old Flash based sound engine has been replaced by a Web Audio API implementation. Preferences are now persistence using Local Storage API. Joystick support is made via the Gamepad API. And, of course, with CesiumJS, rendering is done with WebGL.

GEFS 1.2c

A new release to properly wrap up the migration to CesiumJS:

- Reworked all the 3D models to make sure they look good in CesiumJS
- Removed the last dependency to plugins (Flash)
- Upgraded to Cesium 1.22 which provides new advanced shadows (see pictures)
- Implemented an orientation control mode for mobiles (tilting phone to control aircraft)
- Redesigned the UI with mobile support in mind (responsive) and to get rid of plugin legacy (chat messages are now shown as overlay)
- Improved hot air balloon simulation with a a new atmospheric model (air temp and pressure)